A DISABLED woman who feels "grounded" by a traffic ban in a Taunton street fears it could be permanently pedestrianised "by the back door".

Sue Glenn, who has very limited mobility due to MS, is angry that a council consultation on the future of East Street is taking place exclusively online.

She believes many vulnerable people will be unable to give their opinion due to their lack of computer skills.

"Many of us won't be able to give our feedback so won't be represented," said Mrs Glenn, 66.

"I don't believe this is a wide enough consultation. People in their 70s and others with severe disabilities just can't take part due to poor computer and literacy skills.

"I'm very wobbly on my legs and have to park outside where I have to be.

"All I'm asking for is sufficient reduced parking.

"The council talks about parking in Magdalene Street, Hammet Street and Billet Street, but I can't walk that far.

"They could maybe shut East Street from Waterstones to McDonald's and allow Blue Badge parking either end.

"I only shop in East Street. It's my retail therapy, but I can't do that without being able to park there.

"It feels like I'm grounded. The council seems to be making life easy for cyclists and those who can walk at the expense of us who can't get around easily."

Mrs Glenn has had talks with the council over the temporary closure of East Street to enable social distancing and to encourage walking and cycling.

Cllr Mike Rigby, executive member for planning and transport at Somerset West and Taunton Council, said discussions had included measures to mitigate the closure, including more crossing points with ramps.

He added: "Due to the current limitations around physical contact, we are unable to carry out the consultation as we normally would with information displays in the library or face-to-face sessions in the town centre.

"In the circumstances, the online consultation gives us the best chance to reach as many members of the community as possible, in as fair a manner as possible.

"This will allow us to seek wider views on the temporary closure while awaiting the outcome of a bid for Active Travel phase two funding, which was submitted by Somerset County Council working with all of the district councils in Somerset."