I KNOW that all ideas suggested to the council are always falling on deaf ears, so I will tell you.

The road between Watchet and Blue Anchor has been falling away forever. The part at the top of west street, the old kilns, will fall - nature always wins.

To save a substantial amount on the road, why not make it a condition in planning that whoever develops the former paper mill site must put in an access road from Brendon Road (the original entry road) up to the Blue Anchor road?

Even if the council paid a portion of the cost, I don't think it would come to £4m.

I hear that site will be more overpriced houses and empty industrial units. Great, another lost opportunity!

The West Country has no good sports training facilities, let alone great ones!

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People who train for the Olympics go to Cardiff to use their velodrome and swimming pools.

I can't think of all the sports that people must leave the area, or even the country, to pursue.

Even build some industrial units for an educational centre to teach the kids about old crafts that are dying out.

In Plymouth, the Barbican used to show people glass blowing. Show kids hands on how to work on the old boats.

The council harps on about Watchet's 1000-year history - show the kids what the Vikings really made.

Let kids use their own hands and their minds will follow!

Hey, what do I know? I'm just a disabled (benefits scrounger), vulnerable adult.