WHAT is it with people refusing to accept 'merge' lanes?

I often find myself having to drive around the county as part of my job and one trait of road users around here sticks in my mind - the refusal to accept that sometimes, merge lanes exist!

In case people don't know what a merge lane is, it's when two lanes merge into one (there's one on Wellington Road in Taunton, and another at Henlade).

The problem seems to be that this requires some amount of courtesy and understanding to work properly.

Often, when the lanes merge, people simply refuse to allow those in the other lane to join traffic, like they are somehow 'pushing in'.

They're not! That's how it is supposed to work!

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It never ceases to amaze me how often I see this unwillingness to simply let people in - as you are supposed to do.

I don't see what these non-movers are trying to do.

Perhaps they cannot spare the one second delay obeying the rules would create?

Or perhaps they are just unhappy and want to show others this is the case?

Who knows, but it can be dangerous.

And besides that, it's just rude - and incorrect.

Please don't publish my name just in case people know which car I drive.

I'll never be allowed to use the road properly again!