NEARLY 100 members of a choir performed the same song on camera from home - and an editor stitched all the clips together into this seamless video.

Musicians and singers from Somerset Music have been unable to meet up and practice together this year because of social distancing measures.

So they came up with a unique way to keep everyone connected and, at the same time, raise funds which have been depleted during lockdown.

The band members and vocalists were all challenged to perform the full version of Elbow's classic 'One Day Like This' and record it on their mobile phone or computer.

Video editor Adam Palmer then had the mammoth task of merging 104 video clips from 98 different people into one seamless performance.

He spent around 100 man hours chopping down nearly 10 hours of footage to produce one final version of the song, which lasts five minutes and 40 seconds.

Adam's wife Louise Palmer, who is flute tutor of the Somerset County Youth Concert Band, came up with the idea.

She said: "Adam spent many hours, often getting up before work and working late into the night to put first the audio together and mix and then the visuals.

"The result is stunning - a real demonstration of teamwork and cooperation, not to mention talent!"

Children from 32 Somerset schools were involved in the project, which is seeking to raise money for youth music services in Somerset.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so here: