'PLEASE put your litter in the bin. It can have an awful impact on animals and even cost them their lives'

That is the message from Somerset Against Animal Persecution after they shared these heartbreaking images of a fox which had been found drowned in Apex Park Lake in Highbridge.

The fox was found floating on top of the lake with a crisp packet on its head by a dog walker on Thursday (September 17).

Somerset Against Animal Persecution posted the distressing image on their Facebook page in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers that littering can pose to animals.

A spokesperson for Somerset Against Animal Persecution, said: "One of our members was walking their dog in Apex Park when they found the fox floating on the surface and burst into tears.

"They couldn't believe that this poor fox had died in this way.

"It was an awful sight. We can only assume that the fox found some leftover crisps in the packet and popped its head in to get them and unfortunately got disorientated and drowned.

"Foxes can swim but struggle to keep their heads above water when they are in distress so it is very sad to see an animal die in this way.

"We called up and reported it to Sedgemoor District Council as we want to make sure people are aware of what happened."

The spokesperson said littering is a common problem in Apex Park and urged people to make sure they pick up their litter before leaving the park.

"Please pick up your litter and put it into the bin," the spokesperson added.

"It can have an awful impact on animals and can even cost them their lives.

"We hope that sharing this story can show people the consequences that littering can have on wildlife."

The Weekly News has contacted Sedgemoor District Council for comment.