THERE appears to be a growing anger over the current parking and pedestrianisation of our town.

Our council seems to think that we can all get out of our cars and wear out shoe leather by walking everywhere.

We all know that not everybody is tarred with the same brush.

The article in the Gazette ('Anger at pedestrianisation plan', September 10) featured the plight of Sue Glenn, an MS patient. Such a lifetime disease is not the best of ailments to put up with, for which I give her all the sympathy I can.

The reason why I want to join in her plight is because I too have a severe disability, by way of severe heart disease, which means I am unable to walk 10 yards without ill effects.

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The loss of the Coal Orchard car park means that I can't visit my doctors' surgery at St James' Medical Centre, having to drive and pollute the atmosphere all the way to Norton Fitzwarren.

The development in Coal Orchard also prevents me from going into Debenhams, or the shops in and around St James Street.

The Parade and banks are a no-go for me and if anyone says I should bank online, well, the internet is not on my bucket list at my age.

I wonder what the bus and taxi companies must be thinking? Remember the crowds standing outside Primark waiting for a bus? Always a popular pick-up point for buses and taxis.

Sue Glenn made a point of giving her views on how East Street could be used for disabled parking. I too have some thoughts about it.

Westbound traffic coming into town via Hurdle Way, turning right down the Crescent and into the Parade, through East Street and onwards.

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Widen the footpaths in East Street slightly, put in some speed bumps and bus stops and, above all, more spaces for the disabled.

I've been told that parking for the disabled is more prominent in Billet Street. Lovely to stroll down to the shops from there, but I am afraid the climb back up the hill is a killer for a struggling heart.

I am also wondering if Rebecca Pow reads the Gazette? Probably she does, so come on Rebecca, show us - your voters - that you care about the problems and discrimination of the disabled people who wish to lead a life to the best we can tolerate because this council has become the most intolerable group.

Come on you councillors, get some empathy into your heads and remember 'brushes and tar'.