Being generous is another thing that is great for mental health and wellbeing. It doesn’t always mean parting with cash in a charity box or sponsoring someone for a worthy cause. At the present time, not everyone has money spare to give away and that is just the way it is.

However, something we all have is a face to smile with, a heart to love with and care about others.

Another thing we can all offer is time. Time to listen, time to think about ways to help others.

When shopping, donating a tin or packet of something useful for the Foodbank should not break the bank.

A smile if your eyes meet a stranger when out and about, free to give, immeasurable to the recipient. If someone smiles at me it gives me a warm feeling and I am grateful for it. Try it.

Time for helping others. Volunteering in a charity shop or at a venue like a museum, visitor attraction, theatre. People are always needed for roles like this. While you are helping them, you will be amazed how it will make you feel, being useful and generous with your time.

Older people have so many skills they have learned throughout their lives; Customer service, admin, and more importantly, ‘life skills’.

Experience of ‘life lessons’, learned through just living, knowing how to handle hard times, knowing that life happens in stages.

Growing up, becoming teenagers, parents, and also the really hard times when things have gone wrong or knocked you sideways! These are just the people who have the skills needed to help the next generation.

People who can listen and truly understand and just know the right things to say and do. An opportunity to pay back a little without handing over a penny. Make a real difference to another human being.

Promise Works is an amazing local charity based in Somerset. Interested? If you are able to commit to seeing a young person every week or every two weeks for two years, check out or send an email to to apply.

“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion.” - Anonymous


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