A SHORT film produced by Taunton based production company, Autumn Films, is heading up the next stage of a crucial appeal to secure the future for charity Brain Tumour Support.

‘Jane’s Story’ is an emotional four minute film which highlights the life changing impact that the charity’s work has on patients and families facing a brain tumour diagnosis.

In the film Jane Edwards tells how her life changed forever after a visit to her optician resulted in the diagnosis of a brain tumour, a meningioma.

Although this type of tumour is termed ‘benign’ the impact on Jane’s life was profound.

First of all confronted by the shock of the diagnosis, she then faced gruelling surgery and a long battle to cope again with everyday tasks and to return to work.

Particularly as a single mum looking after a young son, the challenges were daunting; but Jane found help which turned her life around.

She said: “Everything changed when I found my local Brain Tumour Support Group. Everyone talked about their fears so openly and honestly, it was amazing.”

Jane also received specialist counselling provided by charity Brain Tumour Support which helped her understand and come to terms with what she’d been through.

She says this gave her the hope and determination to rebuild her life and to eventually return to work.

Martin Hill from Autumn Films explains how they chose Brain Tumour Support as their charity for 2020, after opening up a competition for charities to win their film making services for free.

"As filmmakers we want to give a little back and work with like-minded people who have a passion for supporting others and actively making a difference to either a community, a group of people or a cause," Mr Hill said.

"We chose Brain Tumour Support because we had a family member who passed away from a brain tumour some years ago and the effect on a family is devastating. If we can help spread the message that there is support out there, then we figured that is a great thing to do."

Brain Tumour Support is facing a predicted 40 per cent drop in income this year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent impact on fundraising events and activities.

In May, the Together We Are Stronger Appeal was launched as an urgent call to ensure the charity’s survival.

Founder and CEO, Tina Mitchell Skinner said: “Thanks to a wonderful response from supporters and some very inventive socially-distanced fundraising we have indeed shown that ‘Together we are stronger’ and survived till now.

"However it’s been exceptionally difficult with over half our team furloughed and we have also had to let go of a number of staff and moved to a smaller office space whilst we assess the most efficient and cost-effective way forward.

"We are determined that the hard earned funds raised and donated by our supporters will go to help as many patients and families as possible.”

The short film of Jane’s story will lead the next stage of the charity’s appeal ‘Together we can rebuild’ and will be shown for the first time as a premier on the Brain Tumour Support Facebook page at 8pm on Thursday October 1.

To see the film, find out how you can get involved or to make a donation to the Together We Are Stronger Appeal go to the charity’s website: braintumoursupport.co.uk/appeal.