CYCLING 600 miles with only E.T. for company, a young man has set himself a target of raising £3,000 for charity.

After setting off on September 12, Josh Garman, 21, is in the middle of his challenge and will be cycling through Taunton this weekend.

He has chosen to support Hope for Hasti.

The charity was set up by Major Chris Brannigan who wanted to raise money for his eight-year-old daughter who has Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CDLS).

Mr Garman was inspired by Maj Brannigan’s 700 mile barefoot walk.

“A man with the aim to raise money for his daughter Hasti with a rare genetic condition had decided to walk 700 miles barefoot across Britain,” said Mr Garman.

“I couldn't take my mind off what he was embarking on it had my admiration and as I delved deeper into the charity along with the people behind it I knew I wanted to help.

“Maj Brannigan recently completed his 700 mile walk over 35 days raising over £350,000 and so now while he rests up his feet, I will endeavour to raise some extra funds for the charity.”

Somerset County Gazette: Josh stopping to chat on his cycle rideJosh stopping to chat on his cycle ride

Mr Garman decided to cycle 600 miles across the South of England, sleeping in a one-man tent along the way, with only E.T. for company.

Somerset County Gazette: Josh cycling with E.T. for companyJosh cycling with E.T. for company

“I tried to come up with something fun, that would grab people's attention and relate to children,” Mr Garman added.

“Now me being 21 I'm still a big kid at heart and for some reason the idea of someone sitting at a coffee shop looking out when suddenly ET comes by made me smile.

“So my strange little idea was born and I hope that with ET on my side I can grab people's attention long enough to tell them about the charity.”

Somerset County Gazette: Josh's one-man tentJosh's one-man tent

Battling wind, rain and hail, Mr Garman seems to be enjoying his adventure so far. 

"It’s been an incredible journey so far, a real sense of adventure," he added. 

"Since me and E.T. have set off we’ve experienced rain, wind and hail. We’ve met kind people from all over the country wanting to interact and be part of the adventure. I’ve had nights in the tent where it’s collapsed and others on sofas of locals willing to have me! 

"Each day feels stretched as if it’s somehow longer than a day. Tonight on my glow budget I sat eating some chips at McDonald’s looking around at everyone going about their evening.

"I’ve battled storms, hail and getting lost in the forest to get here, how strange it feels to sit here knowing that.

"I hoped to do two things on this trip. One was to raise money for a wonderful charity that means so much to me and the other was to make people smile along the way.

"I’m happy to say I’ve managed to make someone laugh everyday on this trip so even if I’m tired or cold I’m content in the knowledge that someone’s day is just a little better."

Mr Garman will be cycling through Taunton this Saturday (September 26) and Sunday (September 27).

He has managed to raise £2,780 so far. To donate visit