PHONE company BT has been hit with a massive fine for breaking the law during works in a village on the edge of Taunton.

The firm was ordered to pay a total of £16,969.33 after pleading guilty to three offences relating to work in Yarford Road, Kingston St Mary, on August 7 last year.

BT was fined £6,000 along with a £181 victim surcharge and £2,788.33 costs for failing to "secure that traffic signs were placed and maintained and operated" in order to guide and direct members of the public.

It was hit with another £6,000 fine for carrying out the street works after failing to apply for a legal order to close the road.

And there was a further £2,000 fine for not giving advance notice of the works.

BT's offences were in breach of the New Road and Street Works Act 1991.

The fines were issued by Taunton Magistrates' Courts.