RESIDENTS are concerned about their safety due to a bridge closure which they say has caused increased traffic in smaller roads.

Network Rail has closed the Tonedale Bridge in Wellington, between Station Road and Milverton Road, until October 9 for essential repairs.

The bridge was supposed to be closed at peak times, but Network Rail discovered gas mains and high voltage electricity under the surface of the road.

They decided to completely close the bridge to carry out the repairs safely.

The official diversion is along the A roads, but several motorists are using the smaller roads to avoid the closure – like Orchard Close.

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Louisa White, 41, a resident of Orchard Close, is concerned about walking her children to school due to the increase in traffic.

“We have no pavement on the hill that goes from Orchard Close up to the railway bridge (to Rockwell Green Road),” she said.

“I take my two primary school children to school on foot in the morning, and then collect them in the afternoon.

“We have had some near misses, where people are driving far too fast down Linden Hill. When traffic is coming both ways it is so dangerous as there is no footpath.

Somerset County Gazette: Mrs White's walk to school with her childrenMrs White's walk to school with her children

“Nobody seems to want to slow down or be inconvenienced by coming across us on their journeys.

“There has been speeding on Linden Hill and through Rockwell Green. There was a confrontation between two drivers on the Westford railway bridge, as neither wanted to give way. A lot of angry horn honking going on also.

“General consensus around here is that our little village isn't designed for such high traffic volume and drivers are not managing their speed and attention well at all.

Somerset County Gazette: The roads that are being used as diversions are narrow The roads that are being used as diversions are narrow

“We are all, obviously, sympathetic of the diversion. Must be a real pain for those having to use it.

“But all sympathy drains away when you see how they have little respect for the narrow roads and the safety of our residents.”

Somerset County Gazette: The narrow roads can't seem to cope with the increase in trafficThe narrow roads can't seem to cope with the increase in traffic