A PENSIONER who claims his life has been made a misery by noise, dirt and heavy vehicles on a neighbouring industrial estate has been warned he could face police action.

Colin Newton has accused the district council of breaching its own planning rules by turning a blind eye to "inappropriate development" at Higher Poole Industrial Estate, near Wellington.

Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) denies there has been any such breach.

Mr Newton, 67, who has lived next to the site for 34 years, said the situation has become intolerable in recent times.

"The local authority is failing to protect us from the nuisance and environmental issues we have been suffering for the last three and a half years," said Mr Newton.

"It is blatantly obvious the council has not adhered to any of its own legislation as we suffer nuisance, noise and privacy issues on a daily basis.

"They have allowed inappropriate development by granting planning permissions to industries that have led to lots of HGVs and heavy plant movements, dust and noise.

"I've got no buffer zone between me and the industrial estate. We're wedged in.

"I'd leave my property if we could, but nobody's going to buy it."

Mr Newton admitted he "snapped" earlier this year when he walked onto the industrial estate and moved some barriers that were up against his fence.

Police attended and later issued Mr Newton a warning that they would take further action if there are any future instances of "anti-social behaviour".

A letter from the police to Mr Newton in April added that "a bottle was also thrown over the fence, narrowly missing someone".

It said: "This behaviour has caused or is likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to other members of the community.

"The local community should not have to tolerate anti-social behaviour."

The police said no further action would be taken over the incident, but added: "If you are involved in a further incident of anti-social behaviour, we may need to consider other options available in addressing this behaviour."

A spokesperson for SWT said: “SWT is satisfied that at the point of assessing compliance on site there was no breach of planning control.”