A SAND artist has created his 500th work on a British beach - halfway to his target of 1,000 before he is 80.

Simon Beck, 62, worked in high winds to draw a stunning Sierpinski triangle on Saturday (September 26) - an equilateral triangle subdivided into smaller shapes.

The former cartographer began his sand work in 2014 and creates detailed geometric designs using a rake and a magnetic compass.

Simon, from Taunton, drew his 500th design on the beach at Brean, near Burnham-on-Sea.

Speaking about the achievement, he said: “It’s a major landmark.

“I have a lifetime ambition of making 1000 drawings by the time I reach the age of 80. So I feel a certain amount of achievement to be at 500.

“I’m disappointed not to have a better result - the beach was a bit too dry therefore we lost some definition of the drawing so it’s mixed feelings.

“I’d feel a lot happier if we had a really good result. But you win some you lose some don’t you? So, yep - steady progress.”

Simon created his first design in snow - by running in snow shoes - in the Alps in 2004.

He then changed to sand has now drawn more than 140 designs at Brean, including a recent drawing commissioned by the ‘Sanditon Sisterhood’ group.

This featured two 120m faces of the popular television show’s characters.