A ROAD in Frome, set to open on September 25, will now be closed until October 2.

Frome Town Council (FTC) said the reopening of Market Place Road has been delayed because the Highways Authority have requested additional work to the drainage and gully connections.

Councillor Nick Dove knows that this could be disappointing to residents, but is pleased that Griffiths, the contractor, is paying attention to the detail.

“While this is disappointing, we are pleased that the correct level of attention to detail is being paid in completing these works,” said Cllr Dove.

“The project is still on course to finish within the planned 16 weeks, meaning we won’t have to enforce any penalties that we have in place; these were built into the contract as is expected on these large jobs.

“We realise this may be disappointing to some who are keen for the road to re-open, and we understand and appreciate this.

“We also know some residents who will be pleased as they have enjoyed a pedestrianised town centre, even though it’s short term.

“The team at FTC are in constant contact with the contractors, and of course before the road opens we are subject to Highways sign off, which in this case has produced an unscheduled delay.

“Getting it right is better than rushing so that we can have a scheme to be proud of for many years to come .”

The project is still likely to be completed within the original 16 weeks contract period, which ends on October 12.