TO celebrate independent shops and retailers, Fiver Fest returns this October.

The event encourages people to shop locally as retailers display items customers can buy for £5.

In Frome, Fiver Fest is set to take place from October 15 until 17.

Councillor Nick Dove said: “Last year there was a real buzz around town on the Saturday it took place; I spoke to many of the retailers and outlets, and many reported an increase in footfall, not only that but it allowed them to showcase the rest of their wares, not just what was on offer on the day.

“We are so lucky to have so many wonderful independents in Frome, and after what has been a really tough year, it’s our chance to show them our support over the Fiver Fest days.”

Fiver Fest is a nationwide event a part of the Totally Locally initiative. It helps towns to celebrate local businesses often run by families or individuals.

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