AS A self-published author Lizzie Guttridge never expected her debut novel to be successful – but now she is writing a sequel.

The Bridgwater based writer’s first creative attempt is called Junction: Time’s Ticking.

This suspense thriller is set in Taunton and involves a car accident at the old camel hump junction near Creech St Michael.

“I’d love to say I thought long and hard about a plot,” said Ms Guttridge.

“I didn’t. If I’m honest, I had a dream (corny I know) but one day, I woke up and thought, ‘Now that’d make a good book’ so I started to write.

“I hadn’t written any fiction since A-Level English twenty years ago but have always been creative and willing to give anything a go.

“The junction that plays a part in my novel used to be the scene of many accidents back in the day. Now it’s been changed into a maze of roundabouts so it no longer exists - good job really, as people will realise once they read the book.”

Ms Guttridge is not yet a full-time author, still working as a manger in Somerset.

She is naturally creative, but hadn’t had a chance to display her talent – until now.

“I haven’t studied creative writing so it was surprising how the words just started to flow once I started typing,” she added.

“Having never written any fiction previously, I made sure I got to know my characters inside and out, building my own relationship with them before writing.

“Every chapter was mapped out and every twist plotted before I opened the laptop. Junction has evolved since the first draft though.

“After proof-reading and editing, what started as a chick-lit/romance novel, became something darker. It became a suspense thriller.”

Now, Ms Guttridge is working on the sequel to her debut novel – Junction: Still Ticking.

“I’m passionate about the Junction trilogy,” she said. “I have many ideas for future novels which I will be writing once it is complete.”

The book, by Ms Guttridge (author name L.A. Evans), can be found on Amazon.