THERE were more problems in Wellington at the weekend as problem youths continued to cause anti-social behaviour problems for police.

On Saturday (October 10) officers found between 40 and 50 youths gathering at Wellington Skate Park and a number of them were drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis and using pyschoactive substances.

Officers issued Covid-19 penalty notices to some of the youths after they failed to leave when officers attempted to engage with them.

In a post on Facebook on Sunday (October 11) Sergeant Dan Bishop, Neighbourhood Police Sergeant for Wellington, said details were taken of many of the youths present and body warn footage from officers is being reviewed to identify others.

He said 'positive action' will be taken against youths who breached Covid-19 regulations, were found using controlled substances and drinking alcohol and have been 'disorderly or engaged in antisocial behaviour.'

"£200 Covid 19 penalty notices were issued to those youths aged 18 or over who were present in the group and failed to leave when officers attempted to engage with them," Sgt Bishop said.

"The parents of other youths present will be visited by officers from the police team this afternoon.

"Positive action will be taken against those youths identified to have breached Covid-19 regulations, been using controlled substances or drinking alcohol under age and against those identified to have been disorderly or engaged in anti-social behaviour at any point during the evening.

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"The Wellington Police Team would encourage the parents of youths across Wellington who were not at home last night to have a conversation with their son or daughter about where they were and what they got up to.

"If your child told you they were staying with a friend, check and test this to confirm it was the case.

"Please make sure your child is aware of current Covid-19 regulations and do all you can to safeguard your child and prevent them from making a mistake or taking part in an activity that could easily have a damaging effect on the rest of their life or somebody else’s."