FOR many of us, buying a new car is a big deal.

Splashing out thousands of pounds on your new pride and joy is something not everyone gets to enjoy.

How much did you pay for your first car? Was it brand new? When did you buy your first, brand-new car and get that new-car smell in your nostrils?

We had a browse of the archives to find some classic adverts for classic cars through the years - see if yours is in this lot...


Somerset County Gazette:

The swinging 70s were just getting going, and what better way to drive into the new decade than in the new Hillman Avenger?

This ad, from the County Gazette in 1970, details some key features, such as top speeds of up to 90mph.

It was available from a bargain £766 (which included seat belts).

A similar car now, on eBay, would set you back around £3,000.


Somerset County Gazette:

Jumping forward 20 years, to summer 1993, and we find a modern motoring classic - the Peugeot 205.

This particular model, advertised in the County Gazette, was the special edition, which boasted a 1.1i petrol (or 1.8 diesel) engine, a pop-up sunroof and stereo radio/cassette for the stylish town driver.

It was available from £6,995 on the road.

A 205 from 1993 would now set you back anywhere between £2,500 and £3,000.


Somerset County Gazette:

Staying in the nineties - just - Citroen decided to get a bit classical in 1990, when a feature in the County Gazette detailed the maker's new special edition BX - the Athena.

Available in platinum or cobalt blue, this version featured a 'GTi-style spoiler' (to help this monster turn, one presumes), a 94 BHP 1580CC engine, as well as state-of-the-art electric sunroof and electric wing mirrors.

All this was available for just £10,700 - which did at least include tax and VAT.

You can pick up a decent example of an early 90s BX on eBay for around £1,500.


Somerset County Gazette:

A trip back through the years now to an ever-popular classic - the MINI.

It was 'MINI MONTH' at Marshalsea Bros Ltd in Taunton when this ad appeared in the County Gazette in March 1969.

The '500 miles of free motoring' giveaway saw every person who bought a Mini that month receive 500 miles' worth of fuel - which was probably a single tank in a Mini then...

Prices were not detailed on the ad but if you've kept yours, it was probably a good investment, as picking up a '69 Mini now would set you back anywhere between £7,000 and £10,000.


Somerset County Gazette:

A six-year corrosion warranty was one of the top selling points of this stunner - featured in the Bridgwater Mercury in 1980.

The Lancia Beta Saloon promised comfort and style for all the family - as well as £200 to spend on extras as part of this offer, which could see you upgrade your Beta with a sunroof, stereo radio/cassette, or maybe even some 'alloy road wheels'.

There aren't many of these around these days, but that £200 on extras could have stood you in good stead, because a Beta in good condition can go for around £4,000.

Let us know in the comments below what your first new car was - and when you bought it - and we will try to dig out any ads from the archive...