CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca Pow and the Taunton councillors, I hope you're all enjoying your night with expensive wine and canapes in your lovely houses.

But when you go to the bathroom, have a good look at yourselves in the mirror and pat yourselves on the back, for turning Taunton into a complete and utter dump.

You have destroyed the soul and heart of this once beautiful town.

Human faeces all over the high street car park, dirty needles all over the place, ankle-deep rubbish behind Orchard car park, a town which on its last legs, drug addicts all over the stairs of the car parks, shops shutting everywhere, pathetic ideas of closing town, strangling the life out of this once vibrant glowing town - ideas that seem to come from the kindergarten for getting life back in to Taunton, the capital of Somerset.

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It's a shame to say, but congratulations on draining the life out of our town, because if you can say you all have done anything good for this town you are all more of a joke than first thought.

You should hang your heads in shame, but you won't because you don't care as long as you keep pulling in the big bucks, which are totally unjustified.

So goodbye my once vibrant, colourful town, and welcome to the cesspit of Somerset.

The Dump