HOPE, Faith and Charity

I am not approaching this from a Religious angle… However, I often wonder where we would be without these three little words in our lives?

In my usual style I will bounce around the subject. I have even jiggled the order of the phrase – deliberately.

Hope: Throughout my life I have heard the phrase ‘without hope you have nothing’. I really believe in this statement and quote it regularly. Especially when I am talking to people who are really struggling with certain things in their lives. Hope works for me in these situations. The Hope that things will get better, that this situation and feelings of helplessness will pass and, bright, happy days will be back soon.

Faith: Is a very personal thing. I am blessed to have it in my life; however, I appreciate it isn’t for everyone. If you look at the dictionary meaning it reads ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something’. I guess my Faith is in Hope. Does that make sense? Hope and Faith together - a powerful belief that things can only get better!

Charity: My mum always told us that charity begins at home, bless her.

However, these current times are incredibly hard for everyone and especially charities that exist to help others, provide services and support for people who really need and rely on them.

I am delighted to say that I have been asked to handle the PR and Comms for Armed Forces Day 2021.

This year’s event was understandably cancelled due to the pandemic. However, the committee of Veterans in Taunton are very passionate of making next year’s show even bigger and better than before.

So, pop July 3 2021 in your diaries, we are planning some exciting things for the show!

While we are on the subject of Veterans, it is almost Remembrance Sunday and the Poppy Appeal is not able to happen in the usual way.

This will mean the Royal British Legion may not be able to raise the funds they need to support our veterans in the usual ways.

Some bright ideas I have heard of so far is Poppy Facemasks, Painted Poppies in your windows (like the rainbows) and I have recently met up with a lovely lady and friend called Kathy Ford who is involved with our local yarnbombing groups.

They are making crocheted poppies and including a donation to the Poppy Appeal so you know you are making a difference whenever you buy one.

Look out for more news about these in the coming days.

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