A WOMAN has issued a desperate appeal to track down her beloved dog, which she believes has been stolen.

Mel Holley's black Labrador bitch Marg went missing from her car on Exmoor at the weekend while Mel went shooting.

Mel had left Marg in her Toyota Hillux on the A396 between Bridgetown and Coppleham at around 11.30am on Saturday (October 17).

When Mel returned shortly before 1pm, she discovered the back of the vehicle open and Marg had gone.

Mel said: "Marg is a very obedient dog and has been trained to stay in the back of the vehicle.

"It is possible, but highly unlikely, that she managed to push open the back of the vehicle.

"If Marg had jumped out, I am certain she would have followed my scent and the scent of my other dogs and would have run to the sound of the shooting."

A number of people joined Mel in a full-scale but fruitless search for Marg and the police were informed.

Mel, who has since distributed posters in the area appealing for information, is convinced the animal has been stolen.

Marg is a three and a half year old, fine build, spayed, microchipped working Lab.

She is described as friendly, gentle, sensitive, needy and obedient.

She is likely to be stressed and anxious being apart from her family.

Anyone seeing anything suspicious at the time Marg disappeared or who is offered to buy a dog fitting her description is asked to contact Mel Holley on 07791 547052 or mel.holley@btinternet.com

Mel said: "I cannot rest until Marg is safely returned to us."