THE cooker light is off, you can’t see where you’re going, and your phone has run out of charge...

Yes, there’s been a power cut.

And Somerset is officially one of the worst places for power outages, according to a new report.

The county is the ninth worst hit region in the UK for power outages, the new study from reveals.

The county experienced 162 blackouts in a single month, each averaging 6.5 hours' worth of time.

The worst hit region, Norfolk, experienced 385 power outages, averaging 5.6 hours.

Cornwall and Shropshire come in as the second and third most affected locations.

The areas that experience the worst blackouts are scattered across Britain, with Wiltshire fourth, Hampshire fifth and Exeter sixth, and ninth-placed Somerset sandwiched between Edinburgh in eighth and Leeds in 10th.

The outages could be down to the distribution network operator and works taking place, rather than geographical location or remoteness.

Ofgem research reveals that Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks have reported that more than half of their customers’ electricity is interrupted, losing 51 minutes of electricity on average per year.

Northern Powergrid and Electricity North West customers lose 41 mins and 35 mins on average each year.'s research also found that one in five (20 per cent) of us don't know how to respond during a blackout, with almost a third (30 per cent) of Brits admitting they aren't prepared for one.