WANT to get out and about this weekend... but looking to avoid the crowds?

A solution may be closer than you think.

The top 10 National Parks for socially distanced dog walks have been revealed - with Exmoor coming in at number three.

The dog walk ranking comes courtesy of Benchmark Kennels, based on data of each location’s number of annual visitors, dog population, dog-friendly accommodation and pubs, and the walking route lengths.

The Peak District - which has more than 13 million yearly visitors and 2,900km of walking routes - is ranked at number one, and the North York Moors takes second place.

Exmoor National Park, which stretches across West Somerset and North Devon, has 965km of walking routes and, with two million annual visitors, there's plenty of room to unwind away from any crowds.

The data reveals that Exmoor contains 63 dogs per square kilometre and 33 paw-friendly pubs and hotels.

The area with the most dog-friendly pubs and hotels is the Lake District, which comes in at number four, as its 15.8 million yearly visitors make it a little trickier to social distance.

The Broads and New Forest are the areas most likely to be crowded with dogs and their humans, so it may be wise to get up a little earlier and book ahead if you are visiting those parks.