THE 2020 US election is underway - but what time will we hear the results in the UK?

We've put together on a guide on what time the UK can expect the results in each state across America.

While there is some doubt over whether or not the outcome will be clear on election night, with a record number of postal ballots and absentee ballots cast - some US states will be declared on election night. 

According to CNN, 35 states and Washington DC have moved beyond the halfway point for ballots cast in 2016. With more postal votes than ever cast in the US many states may take a number of days to count and declare, with early voting perhaps indicating a Trump win that could erode once ballots have been counted. 

All 50 US states and Washington DC have a set number of "electors" in the electoral college – roughly proportionate to the size of each state. The more people who live in a state, the more electors there are for that state. This also puts more emphasis on winning what is known as key states. 

What time should we expect to hear the result in the UK?

It is unclear exactly what time the US election votes will come in or when we will have a result, however by looking back at the 2016 election, the result was called for Donald Trump at about 2.30am EST (7.30am GMT for us in the UK) after he surpassed 270 electoral votes.

What time in the UK will the polls close in each US state?

If you're planning to stay up to watch the political drama unfold, here's a guide on the history of the states in the last election, including what time US election results are expected for us in the UK. 


The state worth 9 electoral votes was a Republican state in 2016. Polls close at 1am UK time and we can expect Alabama to be called a few hours later. 


Polls in Alaska close at 6am in the UK and while there may be some indication of the way the state is leaning, we won’t know for some time.

Votes cast on the day will be counted but early votes and absentee votes won’t be counted until November 10. The state, worth 3 electoral college votes, went to Donald Trump last time out. 


The state that went to Trump last time saw him collect 11 electoral votes.

Polls will close at 2am on Wednesday.

Most votes cast on the day and postal votes received before election day will be counted and some indication may be given - however, absentee votes arriving after election day will not be counted until later - so if it is a close call, the full outcome may not be known.

Arizona could be the early indicator of whether Trump’s message has soaked through with the state being a Republican stronghold. 


Arkansas was another red state in 2016 with the Republicans securing 6 electoral college votes. Ballots close at 1.30am UK time.

It could be a state we find out early, with early and absentee votes to come out first, but the sheer number of expected postal ballots could make declarations difficult.  


The state went to Hilary Clinton last time and Joe Biden will be hoping to do the exact same to secure 55 electoral college votes.

Polls in California close at 4am UK time and the state accepts ballots that arrive until November 20. As a result, while a state could be called, actual voting counting could take weeks. 


The 9 electoral votes of Colorado should be known on election night. Polls close at 2am UK time but with the state normally voting by postal ballot, voters can expect Colorado to be called on the night. Last time it went blue - Joe Biden will be hoping for the same again.  


Expect this one to be a long, drawn-out affair. While a call may be made over the states, according to NBC some areas in the state have said they may need November 9 to count every vote.

The state, worth 7 electoral college votes, went to the Democrats in 2016. While polls will close at 1am UK time, we can’t expect an official declaration for some time. 


The polls in the state, worth 3 electoral college votes, will close at 1am on Wednesday and despite a rise in absentee voting, there should be a clear picture soon after, with the state potentially one of the first on the map. Will it go to Biden as it went to Hilary in 2016?

District of Columbia 

DC went to the Democrats in 2016. This year is totally different and although polls close at 1am, this year they mailed ballots to all voters for the first time, with votes allowed to be counted until November 13.

These 3 electoral college votes may be a long time coming, but having been Blue for some time, this may not be one that is too unexpected to go to Biden. 


The route to the White House could come down to the key state of Florida. As so often, significant focus has been placed on securing the 29 electoral college votes that went to Donald Trump last time.

We can expect results fast and a defeat for Trump would surely set the tone for the night. With the state used to handling a large number of ballots, it could be declared on the night, but with more postal votes and absentee votes, if it is close, a lot of headlines could once again be about Florida. 


Georgia polls close at midnight Tuesday UK time, a new rule allowed counters to start processing absentee ballots in mid-October and only ballots mailed from overseas can be counted after election day.

Unless Georgia goes to the wire, we can expect a result on the night. But will Trump once again win the 16 electoral college votes?


In 2016, the 4 electoral college votes went to the Democrats. The polls close at 6am UK time and we can expect a result very quickly. 90 per cent of votes are expected to be announced as soon as polls close.


Idaho, worth 4 electoral college votes, went to Donald Trump last time. Polls will close at 4am with officials saying that results could take a few hours.

It is likely to be announced a few hours after the polls close, so you can expect this to be red or blue on the live map on the day.


The bulk of votes in Illinois will be counted quickly but if it goes down to the wire, the state could take a while to declare.

The November 17 deadline for receiving absentee ballots means results will not be complete for 2 weeks. The Democrats secured the 20 college votes in 2016. Can they do the same again?


We could expect some results from Indiana in counties but an overall picture may take a number of days.

Absentee ballots can’t be processed until Election Day, and some counties could see a shift from red to blue as they are counted. The polls close at midnight in the UK but results could take a few days. In 2016, the 11 electoral college votes went to Trump.


Polls in Iowa close at 3am in the UK - but the majority of votes will be processed on the day. Iowa counts mail ballots that arrive by November 9 so results may not be final for a few days.

We can perhaps still expect a call to be made but if close then a blue swing may see the Democrats cut the lead in the state worth 6 college votes. 


Polls close at 2am in Kansas and most votes should be counted on the day.

However, postal votes can be accepted until November 6, so if close then Kansas could go down to the wire. The state is worth 6 electoral college votes and went to Donald Trump in 2016.


We can expect a result from Kentucky soon after polls close at midnight.Officals state that 90 per cent of votes could be counted on election night, with the rest allowed to arrive until November 6. In 2016 it was the Republicans that won the 8 electoral college seats. 


The Bayous state is one of only five that is not allowing postal voting. As a result we can expect results quickly after polls close at 2am in the UK.

Donald Trump claimed the state in 2016 securing the 8 votes in the race to 270.


Most results in Maine should be known on Election Day after polls close at 1am UK time. The state that gave its 4 electoral college to Hilary Clinton last time is hoping to count every vote on election day.


Polls will close a week before the final vote is counted. The state will continue to count and update the vote totals for at least 10 days after Election Day. Polls will close at 8pm Eastern, or 1am in the UK. The 10 electoral college votes went to the Democrats in 2016. 


The 11 electoral college votes may be declared on the night with mail ballots received by election day counted at the same time as in-person votes. Last time the state voted Democrat and polls close at 1am UK time. 


Michigan went to Donald Trump last time and will be a key state if he is to return to the White House.

The 16 electoral college votes could put him on course to the needed 270. However, it may take a few days with postal votes not likely to be fully counted until after election day. Polls will close there at 9pm Eastern.


The 10 electoral college votes went to the Democrats last time and results should be in on election night.

With the advance absentee-ballot processing done over the last two weeks. Polls close at 2am UK time so we can expect a result that day. 


One of the other states that has voting in person mainly, Mississippi will have results as normal on election day.

The 6 votes went to Trump in 2016 and polls close at 1am in the UK. We can expect a result on the day.


Another state that should deliver on the night. Polls also close at 1am UK time and near-complete returns will be released on election night. 10 electoral college votes went to Trump in 2016 - can the same happen again?


Polls close at 3am UK time and Montana is used voting by mail and is expected to count nearly all absentee ballots on Election Day. The 3 electoral college votes went to Trump last time.


Nebraska’s 5 electoral college votes went to Donald Trump in 2016. Normally postal vote is common and the state has allowed absentee ballots to be counted early and requires regular absentee ballots to arrive by Election Day.

We can expect a result on the night. Polls close at 2am UK time.


Much has been written about Nevada in the build up. The state has mailed a ballot to every active  registered voter for the first time, and it is only requiring that ballots be mailed back by November 3, not received by then.

As a result a full result may not be possible, but early counting has started so it's purely a race against time for the state that was blue in 2016. It has 6 electoral college votes. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire tends to be one of the first states to declare and viewers can expect the same after polls close at 1am. The state gave its 4 college votes to Hilary in 2016. 

New Jersey

New Jersey won’t be turning any colour any time soon. Polls close at 1am but due to postal voting, counting and more, the state which has 14 electoral college votes most likely won’t be called on the night. 

New Mexico

We should know where the 5 electoral college votes from New Mexico are going on Election Night in the US.

Last time, the state voted Democrat and with polls closing at 2am, the outcome should be known. Again, much depends on the number of the majority for either party and any other forms of ballots. 

New York

Joe Biden will be hoping to secure the 29 electoral votes in New York as Hilary did in 2016.

In person votes will be released but the state will not even begin to count absentee ballots until November 6. It could swing red to blue if postal trends are to be believed. 

North Carolina

Polls close at 12.30am and while we may have an indication of who may be ahead and the state could be called, an official vote may take some time.

North Carolina counts absentee ballots that arrive as late as November 12. The 15 electoral college seats went to Trump last time and could be crucial again. 

North Dakota

We will get an indication of where the 3 electoral college votes are heading on the night when polls close at 2am, but  perhaps not the full picture. The state went red for Trump in 2016. Ballots can arrive before November 9 and still be counted.


Another big name in the race for the White House. If Donald Trump is to secure a return to the White House he will once again need states such as Ohio which offers 18 electoral college votes.

Most votes will be counted quickly after polls close at 12.30am UK time, with  each county required to announce the results of all absentee ballots 30 minutes after polls close. After that it will be very much business as usual with a result expected on the night. 


Polls close at 1am UK time and we can expect a result quickly with absentee votes already counted.

We should know where the 7 electoral college votes are heading. Last time it was to the Republicans.


Polls close at 4am in Oregon, but it will be very much business as usual in the state which voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016.

The state has voted by mail in every election since 2000 and could play a role in the east with 7 electoral college votes. 


There may be a blue shift in Pennsylvania with the state counting election day in person voters as normal.

Many are expected to be Trump supporters with about half the state expected to vote absentee. Said ballots can’t start being processed until midday UK time on Wednesday.

Meaning they won’t declare where their 20 college votes will be heading on the day. It could all come down to this state that swung to Trump in 2016.  

Rhode Island

Polls close at 1am in UK time and we can expect some insight into the way of the vote early on.

Postal ballots made add some complications but Democrats will once again be hoping to secure this state’s 4 electoral college votes. 

South Carolina

The state handed 9 college votes to the Republicans in 2016 and we can expect a result relatively quickly with most voters expected to vote on the day. Polls close UK time at midnight. 

South Dakota

We should be getting the results of the 3 electoral college votes in South Dakota on the night with polls closing at 2am. The state was won by Donald Trump in 2016.


Polls close at 1am UK time and all absentee ballots are expected to be counted on the day.

Last election the 11 electoral college votes went to Donald Trump. We should have a result in this state before 5am UK time. 


We will have a good indication of where Texas is heading on election night with the polls closing at 2am.

While we may not have a result immediately due to the sheer size, officials remain hopeful Texas will have a clear picture in 24 hours.

Absentee ballots could add to a potential delay in the official count however. The state is worth 38 electoral college votes and is a battleground state this time out. 


If you are up all night waiting for Utah to declare, then call it a night and thank us later.

The state is usually one of the longest to declare and accepts votes long after Election Day. Polls close at 3am but it will be hard to have any real indication of where Utah is heading. Last time out Utah gave its 6 votes to Trump. 


Polls close at midnight UK time and we can expect a result as normal from Vermont.

In 2016 they voted for Clinton, Both absentee votes and on the day votes will be counted at the same time to determine the 3 electoral college votes. 


Polls close at midnight and most should be counted on the day - the rest will take a few days but depending on the majority the outcome of the 13 electoral college votes could be known on the day. Last time out it went to the Democrats. 


Part of the Democrats Eastern bloc, Joe Biden will be hoping to secure the 12 electoral college votes.

That being said we won’t have an official declaration for a good few days but perhaps a strong indication of where it will head. 

West Virginia

Polls will close at 12:30am UK time and we could have an early indication of where the state is heading a few hours late.

That being said with a rising number of votes expected later in the week it could be unofficial results. The 5 electoral college votes went to Trump in 2016. 


Delivering 10 votes to Trump in 2016, Wisconsin was the state that saw the president over the line. Polls close at 2am and we can expect an outcome within 24 hours. 


Having been given extra time to process absentee ballots, Wyoming will close polls at 2am UK time and we could expect a result rather quickly. Last time Donald Trump won over 67 per cent of the vote securing 3 electoral college votes.

With many experts predicting a change in how votes are counted and states declared this year, some states could shift once postal votes are counted.

One thing is certain however, it is going to be a monumnetal night in the future of US and world politics.  

States need to settle any election disputes and name a winner by December 8. This is known as the "safe harbor deadline."

If disputes are not resolved federal law says Congress can refuse to accept the electoral votes from the disputed state.