BELOW are the planning applications received by Mendip District Council in the week of October 26, 2020.

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2020/2169/HSE: Conversion of attic space to include the addition of roof lights & dormer window & new roof to conservatory: 1 Neville Park Baltonsborough Glastonbury BA6 8PY

2020/2161/APP: Approval of details reserved by condition 6 (Surface Water Drainage Strategy) on planning consent 2017/3109/FUL: New Close Farm Dyehouse Lane Glastonbury BA6 9LZ

2020/2164/APP: Approval of details reserved by conditions 9 (Programme of Archaeological Work) and 10 (Noise Mitigation Measures) on planning consent 2017/2220/FUL: Northover Manor House Beckery Glastonbury BA6 9NU

2020/2203/TCA: Proposed works to trees in a conservation area,(see proposal): Glastonbury Health And Dental Clinic 1 Wells Road Glastonbury BA6 9DD


2020/2171/HSE: Extension to part of front elevation to form enclosed porch and adjoining work room: 28 Mount Pleasant Avenue Wells BA5 2JQ

2020/2242/TCA: Tree works in a Conservation Area T1- Fir Tree- Fell: Free Hill Cottage Free Hill Westbury Sub Mendip Wells Somerset BA5 1HR

2020/2197/HSE: Extension and internal refurbishment: 46A Portway Wells BA5 2BN

2020/2198/LBC: Replacement of tarmac paths with stone: Llewellyns Almshouses Priest Row Wells Somerset BA5 2PZ

2020/2160/TCA: Whitebeam (T1)- Crown reduce by up to 2.5m. Whitebeam (T2)- Crown reduce by up to 1.5m: 1 Lawpool Court Wells BA5 2AN

2020/1854/FUL: Change of Use of Land from agricultural land to campsite and the siting of up to 2no glamping cabins: Lea Farm Bennetts Lane Binegar Wells Somerset BA3 4UG


2020/2180/OTA: Application for Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved for residential development including no.10 affordable dwellings, formation of access, ancillary POS & landscaping: Land At 377956 155306 Frome Road Norton St Philip Frome Somerset

2020/2183/OTA: Proposed Erection of an Eco Barn Dwelling: Pippit Barn Lipyeate Cross To Luckington Cross Coleford Frome Somerset BA3 5EL

2020/2195/LBC: Replace existing temporary workshop buildings with New Kids Club and transformation existing gym building into additional hotel accommodation: Babington House Vobster Cross To Hatchet Hill Babington Frome BA11 3RW

2020/2158/HSE: Single storey rear extension: 16 Farmhouse Drive Frome BA11 2SR

2020/2212/CLP: Erection of single storey extension: Oakford Frome Road Nunney Frome Somerset BA11 4LG

2020/2188/APP: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (joinery details), 4 (joinery details shopfront), 6 (materials), 7 (details balustrade to terrace), 10 (sash window repair) & 11 (internal treatments and finishes) on listed building consent 2019/0476/LBC: 8 The Bridge Frome Somerset BA11 1AR

2020/2163/APP: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (joinery details), 4 (joinery details shopfront), 6 (materials), 7 (details balustrade to terrace) on planning consent 2019/0475/FUL: Restaurant 8 The Bridge Frome BA11 1AR

2020/2125/TPO: Works to trees under a TPO (M1296):- T1 - Yew Tree, remove lower growth up to 3m and reduce up to 2m in height: Quarry Hill 61 Bindon Lane To Witham Hall Farm Witham Friary Frome BA11 5HD

2020/1948/FUL: Change of Use from print studio to Use Class A4 drinking establishment: Charles House, R S P C A Eagle Lane Frome BA11 1DR

2020/1944/HSE: Replacement of window units with double glazed UPVC sash windows and replace door with composite door of similar style: 26 Vallis Way Frome BA11 3BH

2020/1922/HSE: Erection of 2.1m boundary fence: 2 Hawkesmead Close Norton St Philip Frome BA2 7PP

2020/1905/TCA: Proposed works to tree/s in a conservation area: C1 (Lawson Cypress) - Fell: 7 Vallis Road Frome Somerset BA11 3ED

2020/1903/FUL: Erection of a single wood framed building for the sheltering of animals: Rough Stubbs 10 Holt Lane Witham Friary Frome BA11 5HJ

2020/2193/TCA: Birch(T1)-prune back from house to suitable growth points by approx 2m. Reduce and balance remaining crown to match.Crown raise lower branches to approx 4m to suitable pruning points: Westerley House Tellisford Lane To Footpath Tellisford Frome BA2 7RL

2020/2208/HSE: To replace existing hedge with space boarding fence and faced block wall and piers: Midfields 119 Marston Lane Frome Somerset BA11 4DN

2020/2187/APP: Application for approval of details reserved by condition 9 (remediation scheme) on planning consent 2015/1392/OTS: Selwood Printing Works Caxton Road Frome Somerset BA11 1NF

2020/2172/HSE: Re-submission for internal alterations, fenestration alterations and new pitched front porch: 34 Packsaddle Way Frome BA11 2SU


2020/2241/PAA: Prior Approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3): Southill Farm Southill House To Hemberton Cottage Cranmore Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 4QT

2020/2179/FUL: Construction of external ramping and boundary wall infill: 24 Town Street Shepton Mallet BA4 5EF

2020/2178/HSE: Install modern Sewage Treatment Plant to replace existing Septic tank: Coombe House West Bradley Lane West Bradley Glastonbury Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 6UE

2020/2099/FUL: Positioning of Cess pool, septic tank, mobile toilet and shower unit: Land At 356799 141317 Lower Westholme Road Pilton Shepton Mallet Somerset


2020/2170/APP: Approval of details reserved by condition 4 (European Protected Species Mitigation Licence) on planning consent 2019/3052/HSE: Holly Farm Stoke Street Rodney Stoke Cheddar BS27 3UP


2020/2189/PAA: Prior Approval for change of use of agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3): Priors Court Farm Rudge Lane Beckington Somerset BA11 6TS


2020/2046/APP: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 11 (bird nest boxes and bird terraces), on planning consent 2017/2763/FUL: Site North Of Purseys Garage Main Street Walton Street BA16 9QA

2020/1572/HSE: Erection of summer house with shed attached (retrospective): 32 Queens Road Street Somerset BA16 0NQ


2020/2041/HSE: Drop 2no. kerbs and re-tarmac pavement: Nantyglo Wells Road Chilcompton Radstock BA3 4EX

2020/2086/LBC: Replace existing side elevation sash window with like for like sash window: Orange Farm Kilmersdon Hill Kilmersdon Radstock Somerset BA3 5TD