NEVER let it be said that when this Government knows it is on the wrong side of history, that they are slow on getting out their constituency MPs to parrot like their excuses for the public to swallow!

Our MP Rebecca Pow is no exception.

All good old Boris needs to do is wind up Pow like a clockwork toy, and off she goes.

So in last week's puff piece in the County Gazette directly from Tory HQ ('Westminster Diary', October 29).

These are Pow's words of wisdom as quoted in the Gazette: 'Somerset community is coming together to help those families who are struggling' and she is 'pushing to ensure holiday hunger is tackled in the most effective way'.

Well, here's an effective way, instead of shovelling the responsibility on already struggling communities which in the next few months will get worse, how about Pow encourages her Government to cough up the money?

The only pushing Pow did was to push towards 'holiday hunger' by not voting for free school meals (FSM) during school holidays. Nice!

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Another meaningless comment from Pow was: "The Government will ensure children and their families will have the support they need over the coming months."

How? It's already clear working families will not get the same support at the end of this month as they had previously.

The final, laughable message scripted straight out of Tory Central Office for Pow to Tory-speak was: "I am pushing (more pushing) for more cross-party support and collaboration in Parliament".

So what happened to cross-party support when the Labour Party wanted the Government to supply FSM during school holidays to help those children and families you mentioned in your comments? You, um, couldn't support it?

Monkton Heathfield