I READ with interest your article entitled “Looking Back: Pedestrianisation is not the first controversial change” (County Gazette, November 5).

This is what the town centre should look like if it has ambitions to be a “garden Town”.

How the then-Taunton Deane Council Leader Jefferson Horsley could have been full of praise for the ruination of our town centre amazes me, and I thought that the Liberal Democrats did not have a sense of humour.

One of your correspondents a couple of weeks ago referred to the town as “a dump” and it is difficult to disagree.

Similarly David Cudlipp, then president of the Chamber of Commerce, who said that the changes would make Taunton “a more attractive place and put some civic pride back into the town”.

Civic pride is not what I felt then and neither do I now.

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We now turn to the vexed question of the pedestrianisation of East Street.

Personally, I am against this, as it forces traffic to use an already busy Upper High Street, with an increased level of traffic exiting the Crescent on to Upper High Street.

There is also the problem voiced by disabled users not being able to park in East Street close to the shops.

An article in the County Gazette recently referred to an option of allowing traffic in East Street at particular times. This is the worst of all worlds.

If East Street is going to pedestrianised then at least do it properly, giving a proper surface and not leaving the road in its current state.

Restore the Parade to its former glory and that way we may actually merit Garden Town status but I suspect that we will end up with yet another travesty.

Another fine mess Stanley!