THIS is Santa here, writing to you from Lapland.

As you can imagine, we are really busy at the moment, getting ready for Christmas and to deliver toys to the children.

Christmas is going to be a little different his year, so I need to ask you for some help.

We are very busy in our workshop, Mrs Claus is busy baking, Rudolph is having a sleep ready for his Christmas adventures, all the elves are working day and night, so I have been thinking and thought it would be nice and good fun if all the streets in Taunton and the surrounding areas decorated a window of their home - something Christmassy - the children could help.

Then, everyone on their walk could enjoy Christmas.

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All the key workers would see it and it would spread Christmas cheer and say thank you.

I must go now, I need to wake Rudolph for his breakfast.

Just to say, I read your letters every week as I have your paper sent to Lapland.

I do hope you can help.