PATROLS have increased in Glastonbury after a group of at least 60 people took part in a protest in the high street on Thursday, November 5.

Eight people received fines of £200 and participant James Barr, 33, of no fixed address, appeared at Yeovil magistrates court yesterday (November 13).

Two people were issued with £400 fixed penalty notices for attending the protest and other gatherings.

Police have been called to a number of Covid-19 breaches in the town and so will increase the number of high-visibility patrols in the area over the next few days.

Sergeant Simon Lancey said: “The vast majority of people who live in and around Glastonbury understand why these restrictions are necessary.

“They are playing their part in preventing the virus spreading and protecting the NHS by adhering to the restrictions; for that we’re incredibly grateful and do not want their efforts to go unrecognised.

“There is however a small minority of people in the town who wrongly think the legislation should not apply to them.”

He explained that the police will “engage, encourage and explain the rules to the public” but enforcement is a last resort for those “who wilfully and blatantly are in breach of the regulations”.

“The actions we’ve seen from a small number of people in Glastonbury in recent days – attending gatherings, and protests of more than two people – have not been allowed to go unchallenged,” he added.

“We hope that the work we’ve undertaken over the past couple of weeks comes as reassurance to the majority of law-abiding people that are concerned for the health of loved ones and themselves.”

Avon and Somerset Police have said enquiries to identify other individuals are ongoing and anyone who fails to pay the notice could be taken to court.

Under the current Government regulations, a protest of more than two people is illegal.