AN EXHIBITION focused on the coronavirus pandemic is set to launch online thanks to a Somerset theatre.

Twelve artists will showcase their work on the Princess Theatre and Arts Centre in Burnham-on-Sea’s website and the physical exhibition will open in the new year.

Beccy Armoury, lead of the creative team at the theatre, said: “We have all missed human contact whether it be verbal, physical or social.

“It seems rather appropriate that this exhibition is launched amid Lockdown #2. COVID19 has changed all of our lives in many different ways.

“What our artists have created is a body of work that we can all relate to in some way shape or form. The response to every piece is different but emotionally we understand as humans how each of these pieces translates.”

Burnham and Highbridge Town Councillor Louise Parkin believes exhibition is a reflection of the growing art scene in the town.

“The exhibition itself and the work is a real change of direction for the visual arts at the Princess,” she said.”The arts scene in Burnham and Highbridge is really changing for the positive and we are excited to be a part of that.”

To view the exhibition visit