WE all need a bit of cheer and goodwill after the year we have faced.

A walk into Taunton with my recently bereaved mum to admire the beautiful tree in the town centre was particularly heartening.

But alas, we were soon greeted with shouts of "heathen, sinners, evil..." by a very offensive preacher.

I would say Christian, but there was very little of the Christian ethos I could hear.

The worst, while stood at Nationwide cashpoint, was hearing that parents are evil and liars about Father Christmas.

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It was heartbreaking to see puzzled children's faces when he was shouting "he isn't real".

The fact that Saint Nicholas is deeply rooted in Christianty seemed to have been missed and the magic of Christmas, the joy of giving and love was completely omitted.

We came home quite upset and saddened by this man's insults to Taunton people who are always kind-natured and well-meaning.