SELLING medical data, as reported in last weeks Gazette.

Here's the thing: 40 years ago I'd be happy to gift my data to the NHS because, for all its faults, you kind of knew that some big pharma company wasn't going to make vast profits for hideously rich shareholders.

I've wised up! My data has value.

If these companies make money, I want my cut.

Reflecting the privatisation spirit of the age, I would suggest three different models borrowed from business and the media.

1: A profit sharing scheme so that I too can share in the bounty my data generates.

2: Payment of loyalties. Every time my data is used, I get a payment.

3: I sell my data up-front for a one-off payment.

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You see, after 40 years of creeping privatisation of the NHS, I've been corrupted by its pernicious influence.

And how about this for a money making scheme? An equity release plan on your organs paid back after your death.

Here's an absolute cert: making key workers and the relatives of sick people pay commercial rates to park their cars - not original but you see how far it's gone.

In truth, we need to return to a time when altruism trumped profit when it came to caring for people. My data is not for sale!

Bradford on Tone