THERE are a total of 74 sites across the Somerset West and Taunton area where speeding motorists could be caught on camera, according to Avon and Somerset Police.

Of those, there is just one fixed camera site - on the A358 near the junction of Lipe Lane and Stoke Road at Henlade, where hundreds of drivers are fined every year.

There are a further 71 mobile camera locations, which are announced on a weekly basis. We'll tell you this weekend where they are going to be located next week.

And there are two sites where cameras are attached to traffic lights to catch drivers jumping red lights - both in Taunton on Greenway Road and Chritchard Way at its junction with Wordsworth Drive.

The map give a rough idea of the location of static and mobile speed cameras and may not be 100 per cent exact.

Mobile enforcement vehicles can park anywhere within a 2km length site so may not be parked in the same location every time.

Here's where the cameras are or could be:

FIXED CAMERA LOCATION: A358, nr jct Lipe Lane/Stoke Road, Henlade Site: 10100079. MOBILE CAMERA LOCATIONS (mobile enforcement may also take place at these locations): A3259 Halletts Road, Monkton Heathfield Site: 4052. A3259 Yallands Hill, Monkton Heathfield Site: 4005. A3259, Monkton Heathfield Site: 4053. A358 Henlade Site: 4014. A358 Henlade, Somerset Site: 4006. A358 Staplegrove Rd, Taunton Site: 4057. A358 Toneway, Taunton Site: 4091. A358 Tower Hill, Williton (outside 48 Tower Hill) Site: 4083. A358, Pen Elm (layby opp Langford Lane) Site: 4060. A361 Durston Site: 4030. A378 Wrantage, Somerset Site: 4048. A38 Bradford on Tone Site: 4093. A38 Bridgwater Road, Bathpool, Taunton Site: 4024. A38 Langaller Way, Bathpool Site: 4104. A38 Perry Elm Site: 6074. A38 Wellington Road, Taunton Site: 4050. A38 Whiteball Site: 6073. A38, Adsborough Site: 4106. A38, Thurloxton Site: 4042. A39 Audries Site: 4021. A39 Holford Site: 4034. A39 Long Street, Williton Site: 2048. A39, Bilbrook Site: 4028. A39, Carhampton (pull-in outside 'Southlands') FOR ENFORCEMENT NW OF PARKING LOCATION ONLY Site: 4101. A39, Carhampton (pull-in outside 'Southlands') FOR ENFORCEMENT SE OF PARKING LOCATION ONLY Site: 4047. A39, Kilve Site: 4055. A396, Timberscombe (opp Vicarage Court) Site: 4061. B3170 Shoreditch Road, opp jct Stoke Road, Taunton Site: 4087. B3170, Corfe (outside Forge Cottage) Site: 4063. B3187, Milverton (hardstanding o/s house Chorley) Site: 4085. B3188 Yarde Site: 4025. B3190, Upton Site: 4062. B3191 Brendon Road, Watchet Site: 4103. B3191 North Road, Williton Site: 4084. B3222 Battleton Site: 4031. B3222, Brushford (nr jct Brushford New Road) Site: 4086. B3224 Church Hill, Exford (nr Village Hall) Site: 4105. B3224 Church Hill, Exford (opp 'Fernlea') Site: 4058. B3224, Exford (260 meters west of Exford Bridge) Site: 4039. B3227 Hill Common Site: 4019. B3227 Waterrow "A" Site: 4017. B3227, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton Site: 4046. Blackbrook Way Site: 4080. Blagdon Hill, Taunton Site: 4079. Blagdon Village Site: 4027. C182 Wick Moor Drove, layby near 'Doggets' Site: 2283. C182 Wick Moor Drove, layby near 'Head Weir House' road leading to Wick Site: 2286. College Way, Taunton Site: 4033. Creech Heathfield Site: 4054. Exeter Rd, Wellington, Somerset (layby opp All Saints Church) Site: 4000. Exeter Road, Wellington (nr Court Fields Community School) Site: 4003. Ford Street, Wellington Site: 4065. Greenway Road, Taunton Site: 4069. Hamilton Road, Taunton Site: 4049. Haydon Lane, Taunton Site: 4066. Heron Gate, Taunton Site: 4092. High Street, Bishop's Lydeard (opp Pound Lane) Site: 4043. Honiton Road, Staplehay Site: 4078. Jury Road, Dulverton Site: 4038. Kingston Road, Taunton Site: 4023. Kingston Road, Taunton Site: 4059 Lipe Lane, Ruishton Site: 4082. Lisieux Way, Taunton Site: 4056. Nerrols Drive, Taunton Site: 4035. Parkhouse Road, Minehead (opp Old Farm Road) Site: 4081. Silver Street, West Buckland Site: 4102. Staple Hill, Neroche (enterance to Polo Club) Site: 4068. The Parks, nr jct Porlock Road, Minehead Site: 4089. Upper Holway Rd, Taunton Junc Juniper Rd Site: 4012. Windmill Hill, North Curry Site: 4029. Windmill Hill, North Curry Site: 4051. RED LIGHT CAMERA LOCATIONS: A358 Greenway Road, Taunton Site: 10100088. A38 Chritchard Parkway, jct Wordsworth Drive, Taunton > A38 East Reach Site: 10100060.