THERE was a sharp rise in new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Somerset yesterday, according to figures just released by the Government.

On the day it was announced the county council area will be in Tier 2 when lockdown ends next Wednesday, it emerged there were 128 positive tests in the county council area in the latest 24-hour period.

A total of 88 of those cases were recorded in two of the districts, with the other two districts totalling 40 new confirmed cases.

The daily figures show 46 positive tests in South Somerset, which has had an overall total of 1,390 confirmed cases; 42 new confirmed cases in Mendip (overall total 846); 25 positive tests in Sedgemoor (total 1,458); and 15 new confirmed cases in Somerset West and Taunton (total 1,416).

According to the Government, the infection rates per 100,000 of population in each district over the most recent seven-day period are Sedgemoor 135.6; South Somerset 117; Mendip 115.9; SWT 81.9.