TAUNTON, like so many other towns across the country, has lost so many pubs in recent years.

With supermarkets undercutting pub prices and pub chains selling booze cheap and cheerful, it's been hard for many of the locals to survive.

We thought we'd give you a little test to see how many of these pubs you can remember.

It was a steep climb - or rapid descent depending on where you lived - to get today's teaser.

It was demolished a number of years ago and replaced by new houses.

Here's a clue - a Shakespearean character was prince of the country that the pub was named after.

Here's another hint - the name of the pub contains two men's names joined together, the first three letters long, the second four letters.

Give up?

OK, well maybe you're too young to remember the Denmark Inn halfway up Cheddon Road, shortly before you reach the Co-op store.