AN indoor play centre in Somerset has become the first in the UK to use UV light as a disinfectant.

The Square, in Wells, has installed UV lamps throughout the centre to sterilize the rooms in a few minutes.

When activated, the lights eliminate harmful microbes from all surfaces.

This makes The Square much easier to clean, particularly as it is managed by just three people.

Steve Wilson, owner of The Square, said: “We have split our days into separate sessions to introduce regular mid-session sterilizing, along with a much longer cleaning and sterilizing process at the end of each day.

“We desperately needed a solution which could reduce this manual workload long-term.

“However, we were frustrated by guidance which suggested fogging as the answer. This is the process of spraying a light mist of chemicals in all areas, in order to kill germs. We really disliked the idea of spraying chemicals in an area frequented by children and families.

“Happily, our research took us to the benefits of UV light.”

Somerset County Gazette:

The Square has bought 45 lights from UV Clean Light, which use UV-C light energy.

The lamps address both surface and airbourne germs, but users do have to leave the room while the lamps are on.

“Now, we can simply activate the lamps at any time when the building is empty and the site is totally disinfected within minutes, with no possibility of residues or particulates, as it is literally just light,” added Mr Wilson.

“The whole point of our business is that parents are able to relax and unwind while their kids enjoy play and exercise in a safe environment. UV provides complete peace of mind for staff and customers alike.”

Somerset County Gazette: