THE problem we have in Taunton is that the man at the top does not care about the people, he is only interested in himself.

If you don't sing to his song, he will toss you to the wolves.

Taunton is slowly dying and the man in control is very happy to watch it happen.

His attitude is to steamroller Somerset into one county under Taunton, then he will have more money to spend on his own ideas.

And as he spends Somerset people’s hard-earned money, he will sit in his office and watch this county crumble, and then blame the rest of the council members.

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This is a man who, over the years he has been in office, has decimated our bus service, even stopping other companies coming into Taunton.

And I now understand that he wants to stop next May's election so that he can stay in power for four more years.

If this happens then, I am sorry to say it, Taunton will be a ghost town and public transport will be your local taxi services.

If the people of Somerset want that, then give this man your vote.

If you want a council that will look after the people and listen, then you have to say NO to this man, and say we want to have a thriving town with a public transport system that is the envy of the south west.


Norton Fitzwarren