A CHURCH in Somerset has been recognised for the help it has given to the community during the coronavirus crisis.

Street Baptist Church is another group who received a certificate of appreciation from the Glastonbury and Street Lions Club.

Dave Hall, and his wife Steph have worked hard throughout the year to provide meals to those in need, with deliveries and a takeaway service.

They have also recently offered other items such as bedding, hats, gloves and so on.

“The virus is pushing people apart and we do feel a sense of community, but we can give and we can reach people even though we’re supposed to be isolated,” said Mrs Hall.

“As a church you want people to come in and to feel God’s love and blessing and I think the lovely thing is, is there’s no judging here – God wants to bless people at times of difficulty and stress.

“The food we provide is a blessing and it makes people smile. God loves each one of us – we are all special.”

The church is also offering showers to those who are sleeping rough in Street and the surrounding areas.

The volunteers at the church receive many food donations, and they work alongside the Salvation Army and Lidl – who have been giving them food they are planning to throw away.

“It has been amazing to serve the community”, said Mr Hall.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity.

“People are viewing the church in a completely different light, we are opening our doors and giving people the choice to work with us – long may this continue.”

As people haven’t been able to attend church services during the lockdowns, the services have been live-streamed and will continue to be for those who aren’t able to travel to the church. Now the services can continue, there are social distancing measures in place.

Jo Oubridge, a deacon at the church, said: “The elderly people who live on their own have loved coming back, even though we can’t sing - we can still worship together.

“Dave and Steph didn’t quite realise all the needs that there are in the community. We sometimes look at ourselves as a well-off place, but the need that these guys are meeting is immense, and the support from the local community has been great.”