I AM a Taunton person who was born here and I have seen this town go downhill over the years.

It’s shocking, knowing you have people in power like Somerset County Council leaders.

I was told a long time ago by a whistleblower that this town is dead as it has no financial reserves because they have wasted it on silly things which were not needed in our town.

Nothing shocks me in the way things are run by the top councillors - they don’t care about anything or anyone apart from themselves, in my opinion.

They don’t spend their money, but spend others’ hard-earned money who have worked hard in the county town for years.

The trouble is, if you don’t put a plan together to get them out and get someone who can walk the talk, then things won’t change.

Thing is, we are getting older and our future generations will suffer through people like them, who just don’t care about anybody, apart from the selfish people who take and never give back to others in society.

Now you have shops closed and businesses closed and people losing their jobs, but it’s not all about Covid.

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Why they have closed? It’s because the business rates and rentals are so high, like housing prices, and they expect people to live here, where there is no future for any one at this present time.

They always say it’s not about taking but giving back to build a future for the younger generations who are suffering through others’ mistakes from the past.

I hope people read this because I think we should never suffer in silence but speak out for others.

It’s not all about the money, it’s sometimes about giving back and not just taking all the time.

Being positive and not negative, we will survive if we all listen and learn by our mistakes and make the right choice for now and in the future, for all generations to come and be happy in this world.