MR Warburton, I would like to firstly thank you for your support for the hospitality trade, but as a pub that has had to take the decision not to open as it’s not viable, I really think that the Government has not made rules over drinking and eating together as clear as they should have been.

I realise there are too many interpretations, i.e.without pointing fingers, people are finding loopholes - a hotdog and several drinks with this food which is not, in my eyes, how it should be done - so I would like more clarification.

I had a memo from my brewery that it was one drink as the customer sat down, one on ordering and one while eating.

This is definitely not what is happening.

Not that I blame the publicans, they are trying to make a living, the rules should give the hospitality industry a level playing field.

The scotch egg debate was laughable and was never cleared up satisfactorily.

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In my opinion, it’s safer to be sat and controlled in a pub, than crowding the streets with shoppers.

I even put extra things in place, including fans, to bring in extra outside air and now I’m not taking any money, yet I have to find pension and PAYE for my furloughed staff and pay part rent and bills.

Not sure many will return from this.

The Government will still have to pay when staff have to claim unemployment in the end.

Sorry to go on, but I just don’t understand why the rules make it possible for some pubs to open and not others.


The Blue Boar, Frome