THE Post Office has begun a consultation process for their proposed relocation of the Mountfields Post Office branch to Upper Holway Stores.

This seemingly astonishing move is indicative of the erosion of local communities across the UK.

In the consultation overview, we are told that the Post Office site the move as part of the ‘ongoing modernisation of our branch network’. But at what cost?

David Manning has run the Mountfields Post Office for 32 years. His knowledge and brilliant deadpan humour are known throughout the local community.

His branch and staff have worked valiantly throughout an unprecedented pandemic and served as a constant service to locals.

In particular, through the years, and today, Mountfields Post Office is a service provider for many of our elderly local residents.

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The proposed move would be both damaging and inconvenient because many of us would no longer be able to access postal services on foot.

Currently, the Mountfields branch is often incredibly busy, processing the high demand from customers. Any waiting times would be doubled by having to navigate customers buying their bread and milk when others simply wish to drop off a parcel or post a letter abroad.

This, coupled with the fact that Upper Holway Road is not our local area, and local residents will have to travel to an already congested community, being home to a busy pharmacy and medical centre.

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More than any of the above reasons though, this proposed move means yet again, ripping a heart from the centre of our local community.

Many locals meet up and chat, as well as have a personal relationship with the staff at the Post Office.

The move would just be another devastating blow to the local area and the removal of yet another treasured and loved local amenity.