THESE days we are bombarded with news stories of coronavirus, Brexit, natural disasters etc- good news stories are kind of tagged on as a bit of light relief at the end of the reports.

I hear people around me arguing with the telly or the newspaper or radio. Do people realise that when they react to these situations with so much angst, what is happening to them physically? You hunch your shoulders, you scowl, you tense muscles all over your body and this in turn releases stress hormones.

Long term, this can really damage your body and your mind.

STOP – Think. What is the point in getting so upset and angry about these situations? Are you going to change anything by fighting against things you cannot control? No, so why not try picking your battles wisely?

Take a breath. Simply realise that you can have an opinion, but you cannot change what is happening. Try and concentrate on something that will bring your mind back to things that make you feel safe, secure, happy. Block out the negative thoughts.

This is the same as constantly worrying about things that may or may not even happen! Worry changes nothing. It is a totally wasted emotion. I know this from personal experience.

When I start to worry about things these days I try and talk to someone close. Get a perspective from someone else. Or I write it down and try to make sensible plans should the thing I am worrying about actually happens.

It has been a very weird year indeed. Best thing to do is live in the moment and look ahead to a better future. I have already made my resolutions: To shop local and support local whenever I can. Buy things locally like fruit and veg, meat and bread for example. We are blessed to have so many independent shops. Remember when you spend locally, the money stays local too, truly helping our own, local economy.

As Christmas approaches, I wish you all peace, love, and happiness.

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