A LOCAL shop owner decided she had to do everything she could to help during the coronavirus pandemic - and she has now been given a certificate of appreciation for her hard work.

Ashcott Village Shop, near Street, received a certificate of appreciation from the Glastonbury and Street Lions Club.

Samantha Hoyle-Linham, owner of the shop, decided to offer deliveries and serve customers outside the shop when lockdown started in March.

“It is a small shop and I decided I needed to do something I felt was safe," she said.

“We changed our hours in the shop from 8am until 2pm and then closed in the afternoon to delivery to people.

“We were going out to Langport Tesco and picking up things for people that we didn’t have.

"The suppliers I use are very local, so the main things that people wanted, like dairy and bread, I still had in the shop."

During the summer months, Mrs Hoyle-Linham also decided to run the local plant sale and raised money for charity.

“It was nice to be able to provide a service, not just for food and essentials," she added.

“Customers have been amazing and supported every change I have put in place.

“I am exhausted I have not stopped all year, and my husband lost his job from self-isolating.

"I may have taken a few days off in the summer but I haven’t stopped since Christmas last year.

“So receiving the certificate of appreciation means the world really. I was not expecting it at all. It was lovely and when you’re that tired and exhausted, it was a nice surprise."

Mrs Hoyle-Linham grew up in the village and moved back more recently.

She took over the village shop in 2018, with plans to create a community hub with tea gardens - which they are still planning to open in April 2021.

The shop also ran a children's club last year and had a first year anniversary cocktail party.

To find out more visit www.ashcottvillageshop.co.uk

Next week, we will be talking to Millfield School in Street, who also received a certificate of appreciation.

A spokesperson for the Lions said: “We say thank you to everyone who has and continues to help those in need at these difficult times.”