THE New Year is starting off with a bad deal with the EU, which was supposed to bring us prosperity and trade deals with the rest of the world. 

It should now be abundantly clear to every thinking person that Brexit is a calamity and a global humiliation for Britain. 

We were once an honourable nation with influence around the world and were respected.

Now, we are isolated, just a small island with fewer friends and lesser standing.

It is very sad that we are no longer partnered with the 27 other European countries and we have traded that friendship and collaboration for an uncertain future at the mercy of powerful, capricious states.

So, what has Brexit achieved? The UK Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that Britain’s GDP will be reduced by 4%, dwarfing the long-run costs of the Covid pandemic. 
New import and export declarations alone will cost UK companies £7.5 billion annually.

This is not ‘Project Fear’, the mindless mantra we kept hearing during the referendum, whenever real facts were presented.

‘Brussels Bureaucracy!’ was another Brexit war-cry, but now British exporters are faced with massively increased bureaucracy. 

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‘Take Back Control of our Borders’ was yet another piece of dishonest sloganising, because we now have a new border with Northern Ireland and possibly another one with Scotland, given time! 

And crossing borders has suddenly become much more difficult for us British! The recent mayhem in Kent has forced many people to realise that there are always two sides to a border, and either side can choose to close it down, so we do not actually have the total control we were promised and never will! 

Leavers have been greatly exercised by fish. British fishermen were promised by Leavers that they would regain unfettered control of all UK fishing waters, but they now feel completely betrayed with only an extra 25% of EU boats' quota transferred to the UK and massive penalties in store if the UK tries in future to enforce exclusion in the 12-mile limit.

Our country’s security is further at risk without a seat on Europol and no access to the SIS database providing real-time alerts of terrorist activities.

Our young people no longer have the same rights to travel for education or work in Europe; students can no longer be part of the Erasmus scheme, whereby they could study at any university in the world. 

No one born in the 21st Century voted for Brexit! 

We, the older generation, who all too often voted for Brexit, have let down our young people and the country’s future.