I THINK we can all agree that 2020 was a year we will always remember as one filled with fear, worry and dread.

We are not clear of any of these feelings yet.

However, on January 1, 2021, we have an opportunity.

I am not convinced I have ever stuck to a New Year resolution. Have you?

People often have things they want to do or achieve, but they attach caveats such as ‘when I have more money’, ‘when I’m thinner’, or ‘when the kids are older’ etc.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has certainly made me think about these things! None of us know what is around the corner. None of us is even guaranteed a tomorrow.

Take a moment to think hard about what would make you feel happy and accomplished.

You can keep it simple. Make it achievable.

Think about the word 'balance'. Is your life balanced?

Do you work too hard? Do you allow yourself time to relax? Time to have fun?

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; I’m not talking of booking cruises. You need to be realistic.

It could mean planning lovely walks in the parks or countryside, or an hour reading a book regularly.

Do you want to get fitter? Don’t buy a gym membership if you hate going to the gym.

Do you have a favourite place to walk? Do that instead and build it up to include a few hills or an extra hour. You are more likely to keep that up.

Do you want to eat healthier? I’m really not the person to offer advice here!

Back to my favourite word today – balance.

Do you want less stress in your life? I wish I had learned this one years ago.

Take a breath. Listen to music, allow your brain to rest. Reach out to friends, be kind to people. But above all, be kind to yourself.

My resolution for 2021 is to get more balance in my life. Block out time for family and friends. Block out time for rest and relaxation and stick to it!

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck.

When you have achieved one goal, give yourself a pat on the back and make a new one.

Whatever the new year brings, I wish you all a very happy 2021.

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