A VIGIL was held before Christmas at a green space in Frome at risk of development.

Residents gathered to highlight the parkland and the wildlife at Easthill Field, at a candlelit event held in December.

Friends of Easthill Field - a group determined to protect the green space - organised the socially distanced gathering.

Janine, a member of the group, said: “We are holding a vigil in the hope that residents of Frome will be able to enjoy East Hill’s winter landscape, the bare branches of the ancient trees, and birds wheeling in the winter sky, for generations to come.”

Mendip District Council (MDC) has earmarked the site with plans to build social hosing. Although at the moment, the plans to build there are "on pause", a decision has not yet been made about the future of Easthill Field.

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“Mendip district council have earmarked the ancient parkland for development and we are determined to show that this wonderful resource for the people of Frome, and nationally significant wildlife habitat should be protected," added Harriet, another member of the group.