A SOMERSET charity has set up a network group to give people correct and up-to-date information about the coronavirus.

Spark Somerset, based in Hambridge, offer a wide variety of services to the community, but have turned their attentions to helping combat misinformation about the pandemic.

Residents can register to be part of Covid Community Champions on the Spark a Change website, and they will be sent regular updates about things such as homeschooling, mental health, vaccinations and so on.

They will also be invited to have regular Zoom meetings.

The participants will then be able to share the information they receive with family, work colleagues, or with the wider community via social media.

The group is being funded by public health at Somerset County Council who realised people weren't receiving the right messages about the virus.

"I think the biggest amount of feedback I have had is that it is nice to be part of something positive and you feel like you’re being part of the response to Covid, but you’re not committing lots of time," said Helen Fielden, Covid community champion coordinator at Spark Somerset. 

Somerset County Gazette: Helen Fielden, Covid community champion coordinator at Spark Somerset

"We know the right information is reaching more people, but we are also getting more feedback about what is happening in the community so we can feed this back to public health to make sure they are responding where they are needed."

If you would like to take part email helen.fielden@sparksomerset.org.uk or visit sparkachange.org.uk.