DURING this time of national disruption, I am concerned that that big supermarkets are still putting profits over safety.

My wife and I use the Tesco Glastonbury store every week to do our shopping.

Over the last four weeks, we have seen shoppers coming in to the store without wearing a face covering.

When I raised this issue at the customer service desk, I was told that Tesco follows the government guidance but will not challenge shoppers for wearing a face covering.

I was even asked if I would like to speak to the store manager, to which I replied, ‘would it change anything?’

I was told, ‘no’, so what’s was the point?

We all know that some people can’t wear a face covering due to underlying health issues but it’s the ones who won’t or just don’t care that put us all at risk.

Each store has a security guard at the entrance and all it takes is a question, can you please cover your face or you will have to leave the store?