HAVING recently moved to Taunton with my wife, we both were looking forward to walking into the town centre and leaving the car at home.

Our previous house involved a five-mile drive to buy a pint of milk.

Now, there are two ways to get to the town from Greenway Road.

1: Walking down Station Road.

The downside to this is running the gauntlet under the railway bridge.

This involves being careful where you walk due to the piles of pigeon droppings, dodging the falling pigeon droppings and flying feathers and holding your breath because of the terrible smell.

2: Walking down Leslie Road.

Down a lane between some houses and then over Greenway Bridge, then down the Avenue.

The problem starts down the lane. There is usually several piles of dog mess down the lane up the ramp and across the bridge.

I definitely would not walk that route in the dark.

Once these obstacles have been overcome and we arrive at Bridge Street, there is still the discarded beer/energy drink cans/discarded takeaway coffee cartons and the countless amounts of used face masks that clutter the kerbs.

I must say, “I’m not impressed at all”.

Just saying.

Salisbury Street