IT is no surprise to read of Mr Liddell-Grainger’s accusation about SCC’s misuse of Covid grants.

Look back a little way: what happened to the Meals on Wheels service, for example, which would be invaluable in these straitened times for those vulnerable/elderly folk living alone?

That was part of a ‘savings’, er, cuts package many years ago.

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The money provided for that was swallowed up for other uses, so now no longer exists.

There is much talk about the crisis facing the funding of social care.

How about making this funding separate from council budgets, ring-fenced so that the elderly and vulnerable could actually benefit from a hot meal every day at least, to say nothing of other/personal care some of them so badly need?

No-one wants to feel that they are no longer able to live independently, but age and different health needs force the situation upon us.

There are brains out there which could address the logistical problems of making life better for the people of this country, which would be a really positive contribution to the 21st century.